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Glass Flattery Art Work (click to expand)

Hand Made Glass:

Lombardi Glass is pleased to announce the creation of Glass Flattery Art Work.

Glass Flattery Art is fashioned from Earth Wafers.

What are Earth Wafers?  Earth Wafers are the primary composition that make up the art work for Glass Flattery.
Earth wafers are handcrafted individual original pieces.  No two are alike.  Earth Wafers are made of various forms of glass which are pressed and heated to 1500 degrees.

History of Glass 

Glass is a substance that dates back 5000 years.  Many centuries ago glass was considered a rare and precious commodity and was only owned by the wealthy and royalty.  Knowledge of how to make and work glass was a carefully guarded secret controlled by the royalty. 

Now there are several formulas for making glass, some common and some still highly guarded secrets.  The formula  I use for creating glass earth wafers is a formula designed to help the artisan melt and slump glass.

Most formulas for glass begin with a basic mixture of soda ash, lime and sand.  This mixture is then heated to 1500 degrees. Each handcrafted earth wafer requires a series of firings and several techniques to achieve their unique appearance.  Each earth wafer contains a variety of transparent and opalescent colors. 
Because glass can transmit light, it is able to intensify colors adding to the beauty of Glass Flattery Pieces.