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Orphan Earring Parties (click to expand)

Invite your friends over for an evening of fun and laughter!  Orphan Earring Parties are a great way for women to gather together and share personal life adventures. 

The jewelry box is a treasure trove of history and every earring tells a story. Have your friends bring their own special collection of earrings and chains to add a creative touch to an amazing variety of earth wafers.  An Orphan Earring Party is an opportunity to share your stories with your friends and, with luck; you will also find a home for your orphan earring.  

Remember your lovely earring that lost her mate?  The one left behind that you could not bear to part with?  Now that earring has a place! Like the perfect frame surrounding a favorite picture, your orphan earring can now make a beautiful necklace to once again be seen by all. 

If you would like to sponsor an Orphan Earring Party, please contact Susan Lombardi at: